This season give your child a gift ...

                that never breaks,

                              never gets old,

                                       and lasts forever.


Teach your child to read


Learning to read well is the most important task facing a child.  Teaching your child to read is not hard, if you have the right "recipe".


The Reading Lesson is the Gold-standard by which reading programs are judged. Nearly every book out there copies ideas and methods first introduced by the Reading Lesson in 1998. It is still the cleanest, prettiest, time-tested and non-distracting fully comprehensive reading program for young children available.


Just a single book is all you you need. We provide you free  companion items such as flash cards etc., all free here as downloads.


The Reading Lesson book is popular all over the world and has been used by over 200,000 families to teach their children to read.  There are over 4000 reviews of this book on the Internet.


Just take a look at how we compare to the other popular books. In every regard, The Reading Lesson is rated superior by parents on Amazon and elsewhere.


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